Branches: Dubai - Spain - Italy - Malaysia - Shenzhen - Shanghai - Hongkong - Chennai - Mumbai
People @ GCS-Spain
  Ven Govinda Group Chairman
  Pablo Baulies Managing Director
Marketing Department    
  Ivan Guarino Sales
  Marisa Baulies Sales
Customer Service    
  Olga Ferrando Customer Service
  Valena Delgado Customer Service
  Tania Gonzalez Customer Service
  Jennifer Castellon Customer Service
Account Department    
  Julian San Antonio Accountant
  Clara Seller Accountant
Trucking Department    
  Juan Baulies
Working with GCS
Global Cargo System practices the best in Human Resources Management. People with the company work under a truly multinational atmosphere. Everyday is a learning experience which helps the staff to sharpen their skills.
People @ Shenzhen
People @ Shanghai
People @ Malaysia
People @ Hongkong